Promotional Services

Bentham Science encourages authors, institutions and organizations to avail various options to promote their publications, products and services.


Through the Open Access Plus (Gold Open Access) option, authors of papers accepted for publication can opt to have their articles published as open access (free-to-view). The readers can access and download full-text of the Open Access articles without any charges.

The authors, interested to make their article Open Access, can place the order at


We recommend authors to publish their Animated Abstract, along with the article abstract, to extend the coverage of the published articles.

Bentham Science has collaborated with Focus Medica, one of the world's largest publishers of expert animated atlases and videos in medicine and science, to create an Animated Abstract of the article. Animated Abstracts will be published as open access (free-to-view) and help summarize the essential discoveries/key findings of the research, highlight the importance of the article for further research and utilization in the relevant industry. Each professionally produced, full-colored animated abstract, in video format (length 3 – 5 minutes) is accompanied by an English or foreign language commentary.

Authors can avail this service against a fee to get the Animated Abstract published with the textual / graphical abstract on the Journal's homepage (for reference, please visit:

It will serve to define and gain attention for the article. For more information, please view the ‘Author Guidelines’.

If interested in publishing animated abstract for the article, please contact us at


Authors who have published their articles in Bentham Science journals are invited to submit their graphical abstract or scientific artwork to be placed on the cover of a Bentham Science journal. Use of artwork is subject to the peer-review process and subsequent acceptance from the Editorial Board of the journal. Production fee applies for the artwork to be published on journal cover. For details please contact the Editorial Team of the journal at


Kudos( is a web-based service that helps authors to enhance the visibility and usage of their articles. The service offers automated tools and functions for explaining the research enclosed in the articles, sharing of the explanations and corresponding articles throughout the internet, monitoring and measuring of performance for every article and opportunities for citations by other authors.

Shareable PDF is a new tool introduced by Kudos for the authors who have their articles hosted on it. The authors can:

  • Register on Kudos
  • Claim their articles available on Kudos
  • Explain the research in the article
  • Create Shareable PDF of the explanation linked to the main page of the article on Bentham Science website
  • Share the PDF on social media, via email, and through various online research communities including ResearchGate,, Mendeley and other research platforms.

Learn more about Kudos and Shareable PDF from here:


Authors can publicize their articles through news release on Bentham Science website, social media platforms and various scientific news media. The news release is published in the section Recent Trends on the Bentham Science website. All authors, excluding the Editorial and Advisory Board Members of the journals, will be charged a nominal fee for publishing their news release.

The news release will be broadcast on scientific news websites, including the EurekAlert news website ( EurekAlert is an online, global news service operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). EurekAlert provides a central medium through which universities, medical centers, government agencies, corporations, and other organizations can project their important research discoveries to the world. EurekAlert, has a strong readership base in the USA and Europe.


Advertising on Bentham Science presents a unique opportunity for research institutions, organizations and others to reach a vast global audience through advertisements on its websites. More than 700,000 visitors access the Bentham Science websites every month to view the latest updates, recent issues of the scholarly journals and retrieve the articles through Eureka Select (E-Store for Bentham Science).

Organizations, institutions and others who would like to advertise their products, services, job vacancies and events, are invited to contact us at