Author Reprints

Author Reprints

Bentham Science provides excellent professionally printed reprints, each inside a beautiful journal cover, which you can proudly send to colleagues and scientists in your field. In this connection please find below an electronic view of the reprint cover. These reprints with cover are available at concessionary rates.

You may wish to benefit from a special limited time package that we can offer with your order of minimum 100 reprints / e-prints of the article. On the placement of your order, you will be entitled to avail a special package which includes:

  • 35% discount, in case you now decide to order a minimum of 100 reprints of your article.
  • 25% discount on Open Access Plus (Gold Open Access) charges, in case you now decide to order 25, 50,75 or 100 reprints of your article.
  • Free promotion of your article through a special press release on major news websites like EurekAlert, Science Daily & Medicalxpress etc.
  1. Authors who order minimum 100 or below reprints will be entitled to a 25% discount on the “Open Access Plus (Gold Open Access)” publication fee.
  2. Authors who order minimum 200, 300, 400 and 500 will be entitled to a 50% discount on the “Open Access Plus (Gold Open Access)” publication fee.

If the article was originally printed in color, the reprint will be an exact replication of the original for an additional charge.


Company logos and foreword can be published on the printed reprint cover page in sponsored reprints.


All authors ordering 500 or more reprints will be entitled to have that article made open access at a 50% discount. This saves them substantial funds and lead to increased visibility and readership. We will offer a 30% discount voucher against each reprint order which will be applicable on the next reprint order and valid for 12 months. Orders Above 500 reprint copies: A quotation for orders above 500 can be obtained by emailing at


Printed covers are available at extra cost.


Reprints are dispatched to the customers by airmail. Airmail and handling costs will be invoiced additionally with the reprints. Our shipping department requires the name and telephone number of the recipient of the order. These quotes are in US Dollars and are valid for 30 days.


After confirmation, your order will be shipped in 35 business days. An expedited delivery option is also available.

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