BIM Development and Trends in Developing Countries: Case Studies


Author(s): John Rogers, Heap-Yih Chong, Christopher Preece, Chai Chai Lim and Himal Suranga Jayasena

Pp: 3-4 (2)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681080178115010006


Building Information Technology (BIM) has proven effective and useful across the sectors in the built environment. This is critical to promote this emerging technology, particularly to developing countries. Malaysia and Sri Lanka have been selected for this book to highlight different levels of BIM position and to explain their different backgrounds and the need for BIM development. It provides a clear flow of message and understanding about relevant developments and activities in the construction sector. The discussions made towards the countries can be referred by other developing countries. The findings are able to provide new insights into future uptake and development of BIM worldwide.

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