Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activity

Tannase Activity

Author(s): Ariana F. Melo and Andrea M. Salgado

Pp: 281-291 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608053001113010016

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The enzyme tannase (E.C., also known as tannin acyl hydrolase, is a hydrolytic enzyme that acts on tannins. Tannase is an inducible enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of ester linkages in hydrolysable tannins such as tannic acid resulting in the production of gallic acid and glucose.Most of this enzyme has been to produce gallic acid, which is used in the production of trimethoprim and synthesis of esters such as propyl gallate, an antioxidant used in food industry. The enzyme is also applied in the processing of beer and clarification of juices, instantaneous teas processing and treatment of wastewater contaminated with phenolic compounds. The tannase activity determination is extremely important in several areas, mainly in the food industry analysis.

Keywords: Tannase, tannin hydrolase, tannin, gallic esters, gallic acid, food industry, antioxidant juices, teas, beer, pharmaceutical, methylgallate, ethylgallate, n-propylgallate, isoamylgallate, antimalarial drug, propyl gallate.

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