Recent Developments in Manufacturing Robotic Systems and Automation

Comparison of Communication with the CNC Systems

Author(s): Yusri Yusof and Noordiana Kassim

Pp: 63-84 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608052813113010006

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This book chapter gave out explanation of ISO 14649 or STEP-NC and ISO 6983 or G&M Code. The structures of both standards were being explained and comparison between them were being made and studied into details through research done on both codes representation. Summary of the comparison were being groups into specific categories that gave out details view on how ISO 14649 are better equipped as compared to ISO 6983. The comparison made was on the general main categorization of the differences rather than focusing on the difference in the details structure of the actual codes and was based on the intention of highlighting the benefits of ISO 14649 instead of degrading ISO 6983. In general, both codes have its own advantages but as we move towards the future, requirements and advancement for manufacturing sectors evolved with time and its vital for industries to adapt to these changes to provide better end products, and via this one to one comparison, the strength of STEP-NC or ISO 14649 can be further highlighted.

Keywords: STEP-NC, ISO14646, ISO 6983, Computerised Numerical Control (CNC), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM), G and M code, data flow, product data, information loss, interoperability & traceability.

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