Polymeric Nanomedicines

Polymeric Micelles

Author(s): Ioan I. Negulescu and Constantin V. Uglea

Pp: 251-292 (42)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608054848113010010

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In this chapter, polymeric micelle drug carrier systems are discussed with a focus on synthesis and characterization of micellar drug delivery systems. The design, types and classifications of the polymeric micelle systems are summarized and explained, followed by a detailed discussion regarding several examples of polymeric micelle carrier systems that were tested in clinical trials. The toxicity and pharmacological activity of these systems are also discussed.

Keywords: Micelles, nanomedicines, nanoparticulate systems, drug delivery systems, block copolymers, Pluronic®, Tetronic®, RAFT polymerization, drug carriers, physical entrapment, ABC type micelles, stimuli responsive polymeric micelles, thermosensitive polymeric micelles, imaging-guided drug delivery, light-responsive polymeric micelles, multifunctional micellar systems.

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