Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 5

Advances in the Synthesis of Organometallic Amino Acids and Analogues

Author(s): Poulami Jana, Sibaprasad Maity and Debasish Haldar

Pp: 355-378 (24)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608054800113050010

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Incorporation of metal chelating amino acids in protein or peptide sequences helps protein purification due to the metal ion affinity of the protein or peptide. Structure and function of synthetic amino acids with side chain metal complexes have particular importance for extending our understanding of organometallic compounds under physiological conditions and mimic protein folding and stabilization. Chemists are now designing biomimetic organo-metallic amino acids that can form both secondary and tertiary structures through various noncovalent interactions. An overview of the design and synthesis of non-proteinogenic amino acids containing metal ions in the side chain is discussed.

Keywords: Metal chelating amino acids, amino acid analogues, side chain metal complex, synthesis, structure, ferrocenyl bis alanine, ferrocene substituted amino acids, aminoferrocenecarboxylic acids, click chemistry, acid anhydrite, α-amino acid, β-amino acids, amino acids with iron carbonyl complexes, chromium containing amino acids, amino acids containing manganese, ruthenium containing amino acids, amino acids with rhodium, amino acids with cobalt at side chain, amino acids with platinum at side chain, amino acids, palladium at side chain.

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