Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 5

Conjugated Dendrimers with Poly(Phenylenevinylene) and Poly(Phenyleneethynylene) Scaffolds

Author(s): Joaquín C. García-Martínez, Enrique Díez-Barra and Julián Rodríguez-López

Pp: 185-234 (50)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608054800113050006

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Fully conjugated dendrimers are interesting materials as active chromophores for a range of optoelectronic applications. The rigid and well-defined framework of these materials enables structure-property relationships to be more easily understood. In this paper, we summarize the main strategies for the synthesis of poly(phenylenevinylene)- and poly(phenyleneethynylene)-based dendrimers as well as approaches to hybrid dendritic structures that combine both scaffolds. Along with the synthetic features, some physical and chemical properties are also discussed.

Keywords: Dendrimers, poly(phenylenevinylene), poly(phenyleneethynylene), organic synthesis, chromophores, luminescence, stilbenes, phenylacetylenes, π- conjugation, macromolecules, organic electronics, wittig-Horner reaction, hybrid dendritic structures, light harvesting, optoelectronic devices, organic lightemitting diodes, energy transfer, electron transfer, orthogonal synthesis, branched molecules.

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