An Atlas on the Comparative Anatomy of the Retinae of Vertebrates

Other Retinal Layers - From Development to Maturation (A Chicken Model)

Author(s): David T. Yew, Maria S. M. Wai and Winnie W. Y. Li

Pp: 191-221 (31)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805194611201010191

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This chapter uses a chicken model to introduce different inner retinal layers from development to maturation. These retinal layers include outer nuclear layer, outer plexiform layer, inner nuclear layer, inner plexiform layer, ganglion cell layer and the nerve fibre layer. Horizontal cells, bipolar cells, Müller cells, amacrine cells and ganglion cells, which serve different functions in the eye, are also discussed in this chapter. The neuronal and Müller morphologies, forms of synaptic contacts and connections between neurons, and how they eventually develop are clearly depicted in sequences. Synaptic terminals in the outer nuclear layer, the cone pedicles and the rod spherules are laden with synaptic vesicles and synaptic ribbons. The presence of these organelles and their morphogenesis are clearly portrayed. Further, the ‘dyad’ and the conventional synapses in the inner plexiform layers are carefully presented.

Keywords: Maturation, horizontal cell, bipolar cell, müller cell, amacrine cell, ganglion cell, cell process, dense body, astrocyte, nerve fiber >layer, internal limiting membrane, astrocyte.

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