Analysis and Optimal Control of Phase-Field Transition System: Fractional Steps Methods

Program Listings and Numerical Results

Author(s): Costica MOROSANU

Pp: 247-282 (36)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805350611201010247

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In this Chapter we give a description of the programs implementing the conceptual algorithms introduced in Chapter 4 to approximate the solution of nonlinear phase-field transition system. We also give some numerical results in order to illustrate the description of the programs and to convince readers of their correctness, in terms of syntactic and semantic.

All programs in this Chapter were written in MATLAB and have been endowed with a sufficient amount of comments.

Keywords: nonlinear parabolic systems, free boundary problems for PDE, computer science, analysis of algorithms, software, programming languages, phase changes, mathematical modeling, applications in engineering and industry, simulation.

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