Industrial Applications of Soil Microbes

Volume: 3

Role of Mycorrhiza Fungi in Production Agriculture

Author(s): Ekta Joshi*, Pramod Kumar Fatehpuria, Vibha Singhal, Dinesh Jinger and S. Vijay kumar

Pp: 134-148 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079753124030010

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 Mycorrhizae and plants have a well-established symbiotic relationship, and play an important role in better plant growth, disease protection, and improving soil quality. Arbuscular and ectomycorrhizae are the most common of the seven species of mycorrhizae described in the scientific literature (arbuscular, ecto-, ectendo-, arbutoid-, monotropoid-, ericoid-, and orchidaceous mycorrhizae). This chapter presents a summary of current knowledge of mycorrhizal interactions, processes, and potential benefits to society. The molecular basis for genetic exchange between arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and host crops, the role of AM fungi in disease protection, in promoting plant growth, in reducing heavy metal load, and in increasing grain production, and their impact on sustainable agriculture are presented in this chapter. The impact of AM-fungal incorporation and beneficial saprophytic mycoflora on the promotion of plant growth and root colonization, the role of AM fungus in restoring indigenous ecosystems, and the impact of the mycorrhizosphere on multitrophic interactions have been summarized. The ways in which the mycorrhizae transform the disturbed ecosystem into productive land are discussed. The importance of restoring mycorrhizal systems in the rhizosphere is emphasized, and their impact on land reclamation and environmental remediation of polluted soils is also discussed. The importance of ectomycorrhiza in forest ecosystems, ectomycorrhizal association in tropical rain forests and their role in maintaining thermal monodominance, are briefly explained.

Keywords: Ecosystem, Ectomycorrhiza, Endomycorrhiza, Mycorrhiza, Plant Defense, Production Agriculture.

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