Waste Valorization for Value-added Products

Citrus Waste Valorization for Value Added Product Production

Author(s): Lucky Duhan, Deepika Kumari and Ritu Pasrija *

Pp: 161-186 (26)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123074123010010

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


With the growing population, resource production and utilization, including citrus fruit consumption, have amplified tremendously. Citrus foods include sweet orange, sweet blood orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and Seville orange. Industrial processing of citrus fruits is done to produce various end products like juice concentrates, jams, jellies, sweets, candies, marmalades, and ice creams, which simultaneously produce tons of peels and waste as well. Like all industrial waste dumping, the negligent discard of citrus waste has legal repercussions. Therefore, the global treatment seems to be a virtuous option, which results in improved earnings, thereby ultimately reducing the reprocessing expenditure. Conversely, despite the low cost, citrus waste management and valorization still have not reached a virtue that makes it an ideal candidate. Valorization technically refers to the process of industrial recycling or waste composting into commercially valuable products. To fix the citrus wast essential to understand the various ways to recycle and manage the left-over better. This requires research and knowledge of different techniques involved in the commercial utilization of citrus waste for the production of various components, counting-essential oils, flavonoids, pectin, enzymes, ethanol and methane etc., along with the applications of these bioactive components in various ventures. This study summarizes the bioactive components obtained from citrus foods and their possible industrial utilization. 

Keywords: Biofuel, Citrus waste, D-limonene, Dietary fibre (DF), Essential oil, Enzymes, Flavonoids, Hydro-distillation (HD), Industrial processing, Microwave-assisted Steam Distillation (MSD), Microwave Hydro-diffusion and gravity method (MHG), Nutritious supplement, Organic Acids, Pectin, Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics, Single Cell Protein (SCP), Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), Subcritical Water Extraction method (SWE), Ultrasonic-Accelerated Extraction method (UAE), Valorization.

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