Illustrated Pediatric Dentistry - Part 2

Gingival and Periodontal Diseases in Children

Author(s): Vinaya Kumar Kulkarni*, Mala Dixit, Shruti Balasubramanian and Abdulkadeer Jetpurwala

Pp: 264-300 (37)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080773123010015

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Pediatric population experiences a wide array of gingival and periodontal diseases. Studies have shown that gingivitis is almost universally prevalent among pediatric patients. However, lesser attention is given to periodontitis in children owing to the shorter life span of primary dentition. Periodontal assessment must be incorporated into the routine oral examination of the child since prompt diagnosis plays a crucial role in successfully managing periodontal conditions. Severe periodontal disease may also occur among children with concomitant systemic conditions. Therefore, the presence of a destructive periodontal condition may serve as an early indicator of an underlying systemic condition, and the dentist may be the first to notice such a condition. Hence, a thorough medical evaluation should be performed for children exhibiting severe periodontitis, especially for cases that appear resistant to therapy, to determine the systemic causes of the condition. Although at present, there is increased awareness regarding periodontal health and treatment modalities, it is restricted to adults with a negligible focus on children. Intraoral assessment of children is cecentredroundan examination of hard tissues with minimal focus on the health of soft tissue. Hence, this chapter enlightens various gingival and periodontal conditions and the importance of overall health during childhood. 

Keywords: Children, gingiva, gingivitis, gingival disorders, periodontium, periodontitis.

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