Nanoparticles and Nanocarriers Based Pharmaceutical Formulations

Nanocarrier-based Targeted Delivery in Cancer

Author(s): Shyam S. Pancholi*, Aseem Setia, Manu Singhai and Atul Chaudhary

Pp: 197-229 (33)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049787122010010

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Anticancer agents are known for their cytotoxic action against tumors, but the spread of their activity to noncancerous tissue is highly undesirable and may be toxic. The conventional methods of drug delivery pose numerous restrictions, involving side effects, lack of patient compliance, etc. Nanocarrier-based drug delivery alternatives offer the potential for the management of cancer, as they not only confer better delivery but also efficient targeting to the tissues with limited toxicity. Nanoparticles offer localization in tumors in the vicinity of capillaries, that accounts for improved penetration and prolonged detainment of drug in tumors. Under the tremendous potential of nanoparticles. The exploitation of multi-functional nanocarrier approaches is a burgeoning research subject, driven by increasing medical needs in the area of cancer therapy. Several nano-formulation have been approved for the treatment of cancer. This chapter is an attempt to provide an overview of the recent developments in nanoparticle formulations for cancer treatment and presents a comprehensive outlook of the clinical studies and utilization in different prevalent cancers affecting the brain, lung, breast, colon, cervix, and prostate, etc.

Keywords: Brain, Breast, Cancer, Cervical, Chemotherapeutic agents, Colon, Nanocarriers, Lung, Localized delivery, Prostate.

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