Water Pollution Sources and Purification: Challenges and Scope

Utilization of Water: Environmental Impact and Health Issues

Author(s): Bhavna D. Deshpande*, Pratibha S. Agrawal, M.K.N. Yenkie and S.J. Dhoble

Pp: 196-237 (42)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050684122010010

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The availability of pure drinking water to individuals reflects the progress of any region, which is linked directly with the quality of life across the globe. Variations in the quality and quantity of water systems control all aspects of human life. Both its shortage and excess affect the growth and development of the community. The utilization and conservation of our water world must be an integral part of sustainable development and should be appealed to by all sectors. While effective wastewater treatment has the tendency to recover the water, integration of all policies with periodic improvement using research outcomes is still essential. In order to tackle the challenges in the coming decades, it is important that all stakeholders are sensitized about the current scenario, future needs, and the need for a proper scientific and rational approach to moderate the issues and challenges collectively. Integrated Water Conservation Techniques are acknowledged as the only sustainable solution to water scarcity.

Keywords: Adsorbent, Advanced oxidation process, Photo-catalyst, Nanomaterials, Non-biodegradable, Oxidation, Water treatment.

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