Key Heterocyclic Cores for Smart Anticancer Drug–Design Part II

Imidazole Showing its Therapeutic Voyage as Anticancer Heterocyclic Ring

Author(s): Ashwani K. Dhingra*, Bhawna Chopra, Akram Sidhu, Kumar Guarve and Ashish Gupta

Pp: 105-136 (32)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815040043122020007

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 In the current era, numerous anticancer drugs are available with potential pharmacological activity. Still, issues like multi-drug resistance, toxicity, solubility etc., were in existence, which finally decreases the overall therapeutic value of indices of the drug molecule. Therefore, in search of new anticancer agents to fight against cancer is not an ending process. Keeping this in view, aromatic diazole heterocyclic nucleus named imidazole was proved with quite promising health benefits. The imidazole nucleus possesses numerous pharmacological activities. Thus, its derivatives/analogs have occupied a distinctive position in medicinal chemistry due to the incorporation of the heterocyclic nucleus, imidazole, to develop the new synthetic strategy in the significant drug discovery process. In addition to this, the significant therapeutic potential of the imidazole containing agents have triggered the medicinal chemist to develop a large number of novel anticancer compounds with a low toxicity profile. This chapter aims ornately pronounced the therapeutic voyage of imidazole and its analogs as anticancer.

Keywords: Anticancer, Benzimidazole, Cancer, Drug discovery, Imidazole.

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