Uncertain Analysis in Finite Elements Models

Nonlinear Interval Finite Element

Author(s): Wenhui Mo

Pp: 98-119 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079067122010007

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Nonlinear structures in engineering are affected by uncertain parameters. Firstly, the displacement when the interval variable takes the midpoint value is obtained, and the nonlinear problem is transformed into a linear problem. Five calculation methods of nonlinear interval finite element for general nonlinear problems and elastoplastic problems are proposed. According to the perturbation technique, a perturbation method is proposed. According to Taylor expansion, Taylor expansion method is proposed. Neumann expansion, Sherman Morrison Woodbury expansion and a new iterative method are proposed. 

Keywords: Nonlinear structures, Elastoplastic problems, Perturbation method, Taylor expansion method, Neumann expansion, Sherman Morrison Woodbury expansion , A new iterative method.

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