Advanced Techniques of Analytical Chemistry

Precipitation Titration

Author(s): Kamya Goyal*, Navdeep Singh, Shammy Jindal, Rajwinder Kaur, Anju Goyal and Rajendra Awasthi

Pp: 120-129 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050233122010013

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Precipitation titration is a titration where the precipitation responses occur.
In this method of titration, the titrant responds with the analytes which are framed with
insoluble material and the process of titration starts with devoured analytes. To decide
the convergence of chloride particle in a specific arrangement, we can titrate this
arrangement with silver nitrate. In the principle, the contingent on the upsides of ionic
item, the arrangements can be characterized into three distinct classes where the
precipitations occur. In precipitation titration, generally three methods were studied
including Volhard’s method which was given by Jacob Volhard in 1874. The scientist
planned the technique for assessment of silver particles [AgNO3] in weakening
corrosive arrangements by titrating against a standard thiocyanate arrangement within
the sight of ferric salt Ferric ammonium sulfate as pointer. The second one is the
Mohr’s method which was given by Karl Friedrich Mohr in 1856 who presented it for
the assurance of halide/chloride with silver nitrate utilizing potassium chromate
arrangement as pointer. It is particularly helpful for the assurance of chloride. The third
method is Fajan’s method which was given by Kazimierz Fajan in 1923 in which the
adsorption markers were used. In the measure of substances which respond with nitrate
however this can’t be controlled by direct titration with silver nitrate arrangement and
the greater part of the utilizations of precipitation titrations depend on the utilization of
a standard silver nitrate solution. In this chapter, we studied the basic fundamentals of
precipitation titration along with their principle, methods, limitations and their suitable

Keywords: Analyte, Argentometry, Chloride, Complex formation, Corrosive, Fajan’s method, Indicators, Limitations, Limits of Precipitation titration, Mohr’s method, Principle, Precautions, Preparation of 0.1 M AgNO3, Precipitates, Precipitation titration, Silver nitrate, Solvent, Temperature, Titrant, Volhard’s method.

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