Combustion Synthesis: Novel Routes to Novel Materials

Combustion Synthesis Melt Casting

Author(s): Qinling Bi, Licai Fu, Jun Yang, Weimin Liu, Qunji Xue

Pp: 98-107 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/978160805155711001010098

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The combustion temperature of a highly exothermic reaction can be above the melting point of the end products, which results in the formation of melt-casting products. Combustion synthesis melt casting technique possesses remarkable advantages for the low-cost production of structural and function materials with unique properties and characteristics. In this chapter, some combustion synthesis melt-casting reaction systems developed in recent years, such as refractory compounds, intermetallics, as well as advanced ceramics, are introduced, and the solidification mechanisms are discussed.

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