Virtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education: A Guide to Effective Online Teaching

Impact of Cybernetic Classroom Learning on Students Academic Performance

Author(s): S. Lara Priyadharshini* and E. Kamatchi Muthulakshmi

Pp: 226-235 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089287121010016

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The chapter received an expressive way to analyze the effects of cybernetic classrooms on MBA learning. Cybernetic classrooms are mechanically determined class halls that help self-coordinated and self-directed learning. The examination was done inside MBA students in the Coimbatore area. The research is handled with different sectors of virtual classroom-related factors. The example involved 233 MBA students. Stratified random sampling was utilized. Other example procedures utilized were; those students who have been associated with online projects as of late and those at present in the program. Students' assent was likewise looked for determination. The different factors of questionnaires were analyzed with experts and finalized for further investigation. Inward reliability was processed utilizing Cronbach alpha of the virtual classroom questionnaires. In this manner, the factorial reliability values for the different sections of the questionnaires were 0.83, 0.85, 0.77, and 0.89. The detailed descriptions of the factors were analyzed and executed properly. The information gathered stayed dissected utilizing implies to examine the virtual classroom factors. The outcomes appeared among others that cybernetic study halls have constructive effects on the understudies of MBA, they revealed emphatically on their proceeded backing and readiness for cybernetic classrooms. In light of the discoveries, the proposal was that a lot more students ought to be made to be progressively mindful of the effects of the cybernetic study halls. They ought to likewise be persuaded to be taking an interest more in cybernetic classrooms.

Keywords: Academic Performance, Constructivist Learning, Cronbach Alpha, Cybernetic Classroom, Cybernetic Study, E-Learning, ICT, Internet, Inward Reliability, MBA, Online Education, Online Learning, Online Platforms, Questionnaires, Stratified Random Sampling, Students effectiveness, Virtual Classroom, Virtual Learning, VLE, Web-based Learning.

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