A Primer on Earth Pollution: Pollution Types and Disposal

Marine Pollution

Author(s): B. Sathya Priya, K. Chitra and T. Stalin

Pp: 113-128 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811476556120010011

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Marine resources are very important to human beings as they provide seafood, tourism, trade, sports, and livelihoods. The marine pollutants, such as oil spills, marine debris, heavy metals, plastics, toxic chemicals, noise, nutrients, radioactive waste, sewage, and industrial discharge, severely threaten the marine ecosystem, which includes mangroves, coastal wetlands, and other coastal habitats. The marine pollution disintegrates the significant oceanic and mangrove biodiversity at a faster rate. The population explosion, increased industries, and advanced technology are responsible for releasing more toxicants and man-made debris, which severely affect the flora and fauna in the marine ecosystem. This study deals with the sources, impacts, and control measures of marine pollution.

Keywords: Heavy Metals, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Debris, Marine Pollution, Micro Plastics, Oil Spills, Plastics.

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