Economics: Current and Future Developments Volume 1 (2nd Edition)

Fundamentals Of Stochastic Analysis

Author(s): Takashi Yasuoka

Pp: 31-51 (21)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086897118010005

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This chapter brie y summarizes basic concepts of stochastic calculus, using intuitive examples. First, the fundamentals of probability spaces are intro- duced by working with a simple example of a stochastic process. Next, stochastic processes are introduced in connection with a natural ltration and a martingale. Then, we introduce a stochastic integral and Ito's formula, which is an important tool for solving stochastic differential equations. Finally, we address some funda- mental examples of stochastic differential equations, which simply model the price process of a nancial asset. Although these subjects are applied in practice to interest rate modeling, the de nitions are given for the one-dimensional case for the sake of simplicity. We complement this with some basic results for multi-dimensional cases in Section 2.7, at the end of this chapter.

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