Whole Person Self-Healing: A Science and Art

A Meditation on Meditation for Beginners: A Creative Odyssey from Years of Practice

Author(s): Phillip Shinnick and Laurence Porter

Pp: 52-94 (43)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681082592117010008

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This chapter is written for beginners in meditation. Using an experiential approach, it exploring a variety of meditation concepts, which include the time of day one meditates, colors or vibrations one might experience and breathing techniques, such as alternate nostril breathing and fetal breathing. The author explores a meditation technique that helps one be able to perform under stress and tailors it for various mind/body/spirit disorders and conditions. He also shares the meditation techniques he developed during his 10 years of experience as a world class athlete.

Keywords: Beginning meditation, Behavior, Body/mind/spirit, Brain blood-flow, Breath, Color, Depression, Disease, Earth vibration, Entropy, Expanded awareness, Hysteria, Organic/inorganic, Immune response, Interceptors, Jaw relaxation, Lungs, Micro reductionist, Non recognition, Number awareness, Olympic team, Oneness, One-pointedness, Siddha yoga, Subject object, Vibration, Weight lifting.

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