Whole Person Self-Healing: A Science and Art

Parallel Properties of Oneness in the Most Stable Inorganic and Organic States

Author(s): Phillip Shinnick and Laurence Porter

Pp: 39-51 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681082592117010007

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Enlightenment, physiological state of supreme Quiet, results abruptly from the Meditational state through unitization of fragmented physiology of ordinary man. Meditation has given long absorbing attention to actualities of the present moment. Subsequently Enlightened, all perceptions are of the total present, made possible by complete unresponsiveness to conditioned stimuli that had habitually reactivated residues of suffering. Tranquillity follows spontaneously, so does appropriate behavior, yet appearing “strange” to ordinary fragmented man. Despite extreme scientific disparities, a system parallel abstractly to Enlightenment appears abruptly at 2.17° Absolute, as superfluid in helium, 4He II, a quantum liquid. Its background noise is virtually zero, its viscosity is zero; it flows without differences in pressure. Its strangeness transcends commonly-held dualities of opposites as does Enlightenment. Macroscopic motion is inherent in its most stable stationary quantum state paralleling most stable physiologic state of living man, when Enlightened. Is this existential energy of motion Qi, the 'life energy' of Chinese tradition?

Keywords: Conditioned stimuli, Enlightenment, Macromolecule, Non-reactivity, Now awareness, Parallelism, Physiologic state, Reactivity, Spontaneous synchronization, Stable stationary states, Superfluid helium, Transcends duality, Tranquility, Unresponsiveness.

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