Whole Person Self-Healing: A Science and Art

Introduction and Overview

Author(s): Phillip Shinnick and Laurence Porter

Pp: 3-11 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681082592117010005

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This book is a multi-disciplinary attempt to unite the branches of science in physics and biology of organic and inorganic energies focusing on the evolution of pulsed Coulombic, Gaussian and Photonic fields (PEMF). PEMF is explored in relationship to cultivating negative entropy and methods of diagnosis and treatment for pain and suffering. To be sure, clinical case studies are presented in heart disease, spinal injuries, family healing techniques, Qigong for addiction therapy, athletic injuries and meditation techniques in involuntary and voluntary methods.

Keywords: Bose-Einstein stable state, Diagnostic tests, Electrotherapy, Fragmented global physiology, Gung Fu, Healthcare system, Heart disease, Helium, History, Inorganic, Low temperature, Meditation, Nonequilibrium, Organic, Palpation, PET Scan, Physicians, Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), Qigong, Sociology, Spinal injury, Synchronization, Tai Chi, Thermodynamics, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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